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Monitoring Real-time Equipment Smart Factory Mobile Big Data Analysis

Monitoring Solution

Equipment Simulation Monitoring System of 2D/3D Layout Representation Technology

Main Functions

Plug-in format Layout

Easy Visual Components

Integrated Monitoring for per-user needs

Verified performance Monitoring Engine

Extend various Systems of Open Architecture

Multiple Protocol Responses of various Equipment

Utilization and expected Benefits

Various Layout Design of Production Sites

Customized Design

Real-time Monitoring and responses is available

Extension of added Equipment Design, Communication and Scripter is available

Reduction of Investment

PRODUCT Product of Monitoring System.

  • AIMS

    AIMS is Integrated Monitoring Solution for Facilities and logistics Equipment.

    Layout Configuration by separating self-rendering engine

    Provide various components representing status of Equipment and Logistics

    Real-time comprehensive monitoring screen to meet management needs

    Implementation of .NET Framework 4.0 based on WCF ensures fast performance and stability

    Easy to customize via Net based language and extension library

    Responding to facility events from various protocols, including Tib, OPC, HSMS etc


Equipment Control Solution

Equipment production analysis System using big-data

Main Functions

Standardized Unified UI Configuration

Various SCS Responses(Shuttle, STK, Mask)

Real Time Driving Path Change and Transport

Possession of HSMS Driver comply with standarded SECS

Support of various Robot Control

Utilization and expected Benefits

Remote control and monitoring via the Remote UI

One program allows for multiple types of Stocker

Response to changes smoothly in the lines physical environment

Reduce the cost of purchasing the HSMS Driver through its own HSMS Driver

Multiple Robot controls via TCP/IP or IO contacts

PRODUCT Product of Equipment Control Development

  • ACS

    ACS is controller Solution for AGV that controls transport equipment used in the production process.

    AGV Concurrent Control and Monitoring

    Control and monitoring of up to 50 EA (change the number of support depending on server PC performance)

    Real-time transmission of Change path

    Send line driving path changes in real time

    Response to changes smoothly in the lines physical environment

    Support of Settings and Parameter change Reload

  • IDX Controller

    IDX Controller is Control System of INDEXER which is transport Glass in LCD Panel Assembly Line.

    Standardized Unified UI Configuration

    Possession of HSMS Driver comply with standarded SECS

    Using XML Configuration, INDE XER Type and Function On/Off

    IO Module responses of various INDEXER Products

    Support of communication protocol between INDEXER and Equipment

    DB Logs to improve Log Analytics

  • SCS

    SCS is a controller solution that controls the Stocker, a Cassette Transfer Equipment used in the LCD Panel production process.

    Standardized Unified UI Configuration

    Possession of HSMS Driver comply with standarded SECS

    Organized active of Layout by XML configuration

    Remote Control via Remote UI

    Analysis of problem through Playback Support

    Support diverse Module Response and Expansion


Mobile Solution using Smart Factory

Automation Monitoring System with Mobile Application

Main Functions

User Information Management

User Group Management

Support for Other System I/F

Save the chat

Voice/ Message Route

Process vTalk App request service

Utilization and expected Benefits

Real-time Communication

Rapid of Feedback

Check the progress of on-site by delivering real-time image

On-site response history management

Cope with effective and active situation of on-site

Secure the security within networks

PRODUCT Product of Smart Factory Mobile

  • Open vTalk

    Smart Wireless Solutions for enterprises using commercial mobile networks such as LTE, 3G, WiFi, and internal networks.

    Voice wireless Function provided using smartphone without additional cost of network deployment

    Provision Push to Talk Function such as Real-time messages of 1:1 and 1:N, voices, images and documents

    Support OpenAPI for Monitoring and Legacy System I/F

    Operation within the enterprises internal network

    Conversation History Management by playing records

    Support of Functions Text-to-Speech and multilingual reading


Equipment Analysis Solution

Equipment production analysis system using big-data technology of the process analysis

Main Functions

High-speed and capacity collection

Support for a variety of Field-bus communication protocols

Support for various sensor types

Monitoring of Status of Sensor and Field-bus Communication Modules

Sensor EDA Remote setting

Utilization and expected Benefits

Real-time data Collection to understand quality of sensor status

Support for a variety of Field-bus communication protocols

Minimize the cost of adding sensors

Equipment stability; Equipment Software changes and investments are not required

Useful for collecting data and log utilize log

PRODUCT Product of the Equipment Control Development

  • Open EDA

    System of real-time Sensor Data Collection and FDC Report

    Collection of various Sensor Data

    Support of Data Collection and various Sensor such as Constant Voltage, Temperature-Humidity, Wattage, Particle, Vibration, Gas, differential pressure

    Monitoring of various Field-bus status

    Support Field-bus : Serial(RS232, RS485), Modbus-TCP, IO Module

    Full System Management and Monitoring using EDA Manager

    Support of settings and parameter change Reload


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